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Will CBD oil work for me?

This is a very common and hard question to answer.

Everyone’s situation is different, so it really depends what you are looking to use CBD for.

We get many reviews and comments from people about how CBD has transformed their lives for the better. We suggest you do your own research, so you can figure out if CBD oil will work for you. But we also recommend you also look at our CBD Oil Reviews to see what others have said about our CBD products.

What type of CBD oil is best for me?

Whether you’re looking for the best CBD oil for pain or if you’re looking for CBD oil to support relaxation and a deeper sleep, we can help you find the best product for you.

The wide range of our products makes it easy to include CBD in your everyday life regardless of your routine. You will find what works best for you, including easy-to-use tinctures, vapes, edibles and topicals.

We have created a Product Recommendation Quiz that will help you pinpoint the best CBD oil product for you. 

Please feel free to ask our support any questions via live chat or email and we will be happy to answer as best we can.

Will I Fail a Drug Test?
Some companies use Full Spectrum CBD in their products due to its low cost, however Full Spectrum means the CBD oil has not been further refined to remove other cannabinoids (such as THC). Some consumers who have used these products from other companies have actually failed drug tests due to detectable amounts of THC present in their full-spectrum CBD oil. 
Our products on the other hand, use only 100% pure CBD Isolate, this type of CBD is more costly to use in our products, yet it offers non-detectable limits of THC due to its repeated processing that removes all other cannabinoids and terpenes. This means you can confidently consume our oils and vapes, knowing you are receiving only 100% pure CBD without the worry of any THC entering your system.
  • Be aware of how much THC, if any, is in your CBD products.
  • Try not to have more than 180 mg of hemp oil daily if that hemp oil specifically has the maximum of 0.3% THC concentrations.
  • Know that drug tests look for THC and its metabolites, not CBD.
  • 20% of what you ingest will present in your urine over the course of a five-day period.
  • Be aware of the cutoff level 50 mg/mL for the initial drug test.
  • Know that there are two screenings with the second being more diligent and accurate.

We hope this helps address your concerns about employment and whether or not CBD products are safe for you during a drug screening period. Let us know what your experience has been and as always, thanks for reading and staying informed.

*Note: For informational purposes only.*

Is CBD legal in my country?

If you live in the US, the legal status is clear. Cannabidiol made from industrial hemp is legal to purchase and consume in any state. However, if you obtain Cannabidiol from medical marijuana, you must be located in a state in which medical marijuana has been legalized.

Unfortunately, outside of the United States the legal status is more confusing. Since regulations can vary for each country, we recommend that you reach out to your country’s customs department. Ask if you can import dietary supplements from the US.

Do you ship to my country?

Currently, we are shipping to all US states.

Products are sent through the United States Postal Service. Once an order is placed, you will be sent tracking information, so you can follow your purchase all the way to your doorstep.

  • We ship orders from our warehouse Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm (Pacific Standard Time).
  • Orders placed on our website will ship out the next business day.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are located in the USA with an order of $500.00 or more, we will need an order confirmation (by phone or email) stating that you approve of this purchase. This additional step is for your protection. You can expect an email from one of our customer service representatives regarding this – or please free to email us with your order number and purchase confirmation to

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us, we would be happy to hear from you at

I haven’t received my order confirmation yet

We send out an order confirmation via email with every order, as long as you entered your email address when you checked out.

If you haven’t received one yet, here’s what you can do to find your order confirmation email…

1. While we send out our order confirmations immediately, it can take up to 15 minutes for email providers to receive the email (depending on the provider). So it might be on it’s way?

2. If it’s been longer than 15 minutes since you ordered and you still can’t find it, try searching your email inbox for the subject line: “Your Balance CBD order” (without the quotes).

3. Lastly, try looking in the Spam folder of your email inbox for the order confirmation. Sometimes it can end up there.

Still can’t find it? Send us an email at and we’ll gladly send you out another confirmation, and we’ll confirm that everything is okay with your order!

What is your returns & refunds policy?

We want to making purchasing with us a no-brainer, so that’s why we’ve made our returns and refunds policy as simple as possible.

What is Your Return Policy?

It’s simple: Try our products, and if you’re not completely satisfied we want you to email us, and we’ll refund you 100% of the products purchased. No questions asked. ***Policy does not apply to bulk orders (see below).

An Unbeatable Guarantee:

Try our premium line of CBD products for a full 30 days, 100% Risk-Free. If you don’t LOVE it, we insist that you get 100% of your money back. We’ll even eat the credit-card processing fees.

We’re offering this unbeatable guarantee because we truly want this to be a risk-free option for you. Try it. If you don’t love it, just email us at ANY TIME during the first 30 days and we’ll refund 100% of the price.

For more information on our returns & refunds policy, please click here.

I can't see my account details, how do I access it?

Orders placed prior to an account being created will be logged as a guest order and will not be associated with an account. Only orders placed after an account has been created and when the user is logged in, will the order register in the order history on the ‘My Account’ page.

Do coupons work with site promotions?

Site-wide sales are applied automatically during checkout, which means our coupons will not work in conjunction with sales & promotions, however, coupons can be used on orders not capturing a separate sale or promotion and will not expire until used.

Upcoming Statutory Holidays

Our shipping facility will be closed during statuary holidays. 

What does this mean for you? 
Shipping will resume on the following business day.

Upcoming Statuary Holidays:

  • Monday, September 2 – Labor Day
  • Monday, November 11 – Veterans Day 
  • Thursday, November 28 – Thanksgiving Day
  • Friday, November 29 – Day after Thanksgiving


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